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Hello Everyone!


FRIENDLY REMINDER: When you arrive please remember to grab a

pen and tally sheet from inside the main door! As you shop through

the store please be sure to write each item under the correct

category and only mark your "specials" in the lower left corner.

Also, if an item is sold by the pound we only need you to write the

"weighed" price down on your tally sheet. If you have questions about 

how to work the scales please do not hesitate to ask :) , having the

correct weighed price written down will make checking out much faster!


This weeks *specials* are as follows:

Broccoli: $.99lb

Cabbage: $1.00 a head

Strawberries: 2qts/$8.00

(*prices are firm, no further discounts apply*)


Broccoli: $20 a bushel
Cabbage: $14 a bushel

If you are interested in bulk strawberries you must order them by 10 am

on CSA days to make sure we have enough enough picked!

Please email, text or call your orders in to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

or 717-497-4492.



- Bok Choy
- Broccoli

- Cabbage
- Cauliflower

- Collards
- Green Beans
- Kale
- Kohlrabi
- Lettuce
- Radishes

- Red Beets

- Spring Onions

- Sugar Peas
- Snap Peas

- Strawberries
- Squash (green & yellow)

- Tomatoes

Tuesdays and Thursdays 1pm-6pm

Please Feel free to call, text or email if you have any questions!


Amy Lebo
Oak Grove farms, Inc. CSA
846 Fisher Road

Mechanicsburg PA 17055