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What Does CSA stand for?
                   Community Supported Agriculture

When can I sign up for CSA?
Registration has begun for our 2014 Program! We ask that you send in your registration form for our first session by April 1st , our second session by June 1st, and our third session by August 1st. This helps us prepare for each session!


We have divided our 2014 Summer Season up into three, ten week, sessions: 
 - Session 1: May 6th – July 10th
                    - Session 2: July 15th – September 18th
                    - Session 3: September 23th – November 25th

How much does each session cost?

Each of our ten week sessions costs $200.
There are no hidden fees so the whole $200 is for you to spend on produce from our CSA. That’s pretty simple, right? Also, we will have various other items for you to purchase at a discounted price such as bedding plants, bulk vegetables, baked goods, pumpkins and much more!

*each week you are required to purchase at least $15 in produce,  you may not join just for the discounted items such as baked,goods, bedding plants, etc.*

Can I join in the middle of a session?
Yes, you may join our CSA at any point during the season. We will pro-rate the costs weekly, taking off $20 for each week you have missed. You may not join for one week at a time; you must sign up for the duration of the current session.

What if I have extra money in my account at the end of the session?
If there is still a balance in your account at the end of a session this money will only be transferred into your next session if your dues are paid by the last day of the previous session. For example, if you pay for session 2 when you pick up your last box of session 1, your remaining money will be transferred into session 2. This money may not be applied to the cost of the next session, and will not be carried over into the next year.

What Produce could my box contain?
Here is a layout of what your box may contain throughout our season. These items will vary from week to week as the season progresses.

How do I get my box each week?

You can pick your box up at our Farm every Tuesday or Thursday from 1pm-6pm.
Our Farm is located on 846 Fisher Road, in Mechanicsburg PA. 

How many times a week can I come?
You will be required to pick up one box each week you attend. If you choose to come more than once a week your account will be debited for the cost of the produce you received on your second visit. You will not be limited to one box a week, but once the money in your account is gone you will have to pay by cash or charge for the remainder of your purchases during this session.

What if I am going away, and miss a week?
If you miss a week, you will not be debited the money for the box you missed. You can use that money at a later date on other produce, or an extra box another week.

Will Fruits be available?
Yes, homegrown and local fruits will be offered during their seasons such as strawberries, peaches, apples, cherries, raspberries, and blueberries.  Some of these items will be offered to you in larger quantities at a discounted member price.

Will I receive a member discount on produce for canning and freezing?
Yes, when the crop is at its prime we will be offering discount prices on a larger volume for canning and freezing purposes.

Do you offer refunds?
No, when you sign-up there is a shareholder agreement on the registration form that you will need to sign. 

How Do I sign up?
Please click on the link below to fill out our sign-up sheet. You can mail your sign-up sheet and check to:
                      Oak Grove Farms, Inc.
                      846 Fisher Road
                      Mechanicsburg PA 17055

(please make checks payable to Oak Grove Farms, Inc.)                       
We will email you a receipt when we have received your payment.

Once you have joined our CSA remember to check our site for details! As a member we want to include you as part of our family. We will keep you informed on our planting schedule, product growth, and harvest. We will post the items that will be available each week, and the specials that we will have going on. Depending on the week, we might update on a daily basis, letting you know what is happening around our farm!!! 



Call us @ (717) 497-4492

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